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He was offered the role of Mr Goodyear in, Turned down an honorary degree from the University of Oxford because of the institution's financial links with, His play, "The History Boys", performed at the TimeLine Theatre Company in Chicago, Illinois, was awarded the 2009, On BBC Radio 4's Front Row programme on 30 September 2010 he was asked the same set of questions about his own TV plays that a contestant on BBC One's, His play, "The Madness of George III", at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater in Chicago, Illinois was awarded the 2011 Equity. Previously Bennett had referred to questions about his sexuality as like asking a man who has just crawled across the Sahara desert to choose between Perrier or Malvern mineral water. Bennett adapted his 1991 play The Madness of George III for the cinema. Diaries published annually in the London Review of Books and later collected in Writing Home (1994) and Untold Stories (2005) contain, amongst the literary and theatrical anecdotes, and accounts of visits to country churches, frequent acerbic commentary on the political classes in Britain, their predilection for bureaucratic interference, and the conduct of the war in Iraq. The stage play includes two characters named Alan Bennett. Allotments isn't a competitive activity. After this, he started writing for the stage and, later, for television. Graduated from Exeter College, Oxford, with BA in Medieval History in 1957. His interest in reading also led him to learn the Russian language while being at the Joint Services School for Linguistics during his national service before applying for a scholarship at Oxford University. Loose Cannon: A Portrait of Brian Brindley, The Complete Talking Heads (12 monologues and A Woman of No Importance), Soldiering On: a monologue from Talking Heads, A Cream Cracker Under The Settee: a monologue from Talking Heads, A Chip In The Sugar: a monologue from Talking Heads, Bed Among The Lentils: a monologue from Talking Heads, Her Big Chance: a monologue from Talking Heads, A Lady of Letters: a monologue from Talking Heads, Booksellers Association Independent Booksellers' Book Prize, New York Drama Critics' Award for Best Play, New York Drama Desk Award for Outstanding New Play, Society of London Theatres Special Award for Contribution to Theatre, Evening Standard Award for Best Play of the Year, Award for Best New Comedy, British Book Awards Lifetime Achievement Award, Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Adapted Screenplay, Writers' Guild Award (Best Adapted Screenplay), LCCCFA Best Screenwriter of the Year Award, LCCFA Best Screenwriter of the Year Award, New York Drama Critics Award (Special Citation), Alex Bailey, courtesy of History Boys Ltd. We do this in our legitimate interest. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. His work includes The Madness of George III and its film adaptation, the series of monologues Talking Heads, the play and subsequent film of The History Boys, and audio books, including his readings of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Winnie-the-Pooh. To date he has been actor, director and broadcaster, and written for stage, television, radio and film. He was accepted by Exeter College, Oxford, from which he graduated with a first-class degree in history. "[24] In the October after Corbyn's election victory he said: "I approve of him. In many cases they are met with disappointment in the realm of sex and intimate relationships, largely through tentativeness and a failure to connect with others. In the film Alex Jennings plays the two versions of Bennett, although Alan Bennett appears in a cameo at the very end of the film. Alan Bennett is regarded as one of the best playwright, screenwriter, author and actor in the history of British cinema. His various performances like ‘Madness of George III’ in the year 1991 and his film ‘Adaptation' in the year 1994, secured him numerous Academy awards nominations which included one for Bennett’s screenplay as well. Alan Barrett was born on 9th of May in the year 1934 in Armley situated in Leeds. [37] He also declined a CBE in 1988 and a knighthood in 1996. Lawnswood School dedicated its library to the writer after he emerged as a vocal campaigner against public library cuts. Bennett was born in Armley in Leeds. Alan Bennett Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Alan Bennett (born 9 May 1934) is an English playwright, screenwriter, actor, and author. His gift for creating an authentic dialogue for the “ordinary people” of his own background sat curiously beside his ability to portray the manners of middle and upper classes. Life has brought them to an impasse or else passed them by. Bennett’s phenomenally successful play The History Boys (2004), about a group of boys from a northern grammar school attempting the Oxford entrance exam during the 1980s, combines criticism of revisionist historians and neo-Gradgrindian educational practices with the statement of a fundamental – if unfashionable – belief in the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. This play pushed them through some instant success. His first work for television was a sketch show, On the Margin, and he also wrote the television series Fortunes of War. Official Sites, As an actor, provided the voice for "Mole" in the 1996 animated version of. [26], Bennett was made an Honorary Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, in 1987. [11], Bennett's play People opened at the National Theatre in October 2012. Alan Bennett è nato a Leeds (Yorkshire occidentale) e precisamente nel quartiere … Alan Bennett’s first play came in the year 1968 by the name of ‘Forty Years On’ starring John Gielgud. Bennett's critically acclaimed The History Boys won three Laurence Olivier Awards in 2005, for Best New Play, Best Actor (Richard Griffiths), and Best Direction (Nicholas Hytner), having previously won Critics' Circle Theatre Awards and Evening Standard Awards for Best Actor and Best Play. Later the show travelled to the West End and to New York. He was also awarded a D.Litt by the University of Leeds in 1990[36] and an honorary doctorate from Kingston University in 1996. He wrote The Lady in the Van based on his experiences with an eccentric woman called Miss Shepherd, who lived on Bennett's driveway in a series of dilapidated vans for more than fifteen years. And if your parents *do* fuck you up, and you're going to write, that's fine because then you've got something to write about. His first television play was A Day Out, followed by several more television plays, five for the BBC, published as Objects of Affection and Other Plays for TV (1982),and five for London Weekend Television, published as The Writer in Disguise (1985). In 1990 he published it in book form. While at Oxford he performed comedy with a number of eventually successful actors in the Oxford Revue. His play, The History Boys (2004), won the 2004 Evening Standard Award for Best Play of the Year and The Uncommon Reader (2007) is a novella in which the Queen develops a taste for reading. Bennett’s novella, The Uncommon Reader (2007), returns to the monarchy for subject matter, in a fantasy in which Elizabeth II discovers literature through a chance encounter with a mobile library, much to the dismay of her courtiers and the disquiet of members of the government. We publish a Literature Newsletter when we have news and features on UK and international literature, plus opportunities for the industry to share. He studied at Exeter College, Oxford, then after a period of National Service, became a lecturer for a short time at Oxford University. [18] He was raised Anglican and gradually "left it [the Church] over the years". If people don't want it then it's too bad. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. [at Fountains Abbey, as shots of the abbey are being shown] It's a sad fact but it has to be acknowledged that, whatever the sublimity and splendour of our great abbeys, to the droves of often apathetic visitors, the monastic life only comes alive when contemplating its toilet arrangements. The subversive potential inherent in reading and writing is heavily acknowledged but, as in The History Boys, the enduring impression is of Bennett’s belief in the value of the consumption and enjoyment of literature as a good in itself. I tend not to watch anything where one person is eliminated each week. [2], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Alan Bennett rejected being 'labelled as gay',, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. [on the story that he had also had a relationship with a woman] The press - I think it was the Mail - got wind of it. [40] He said he "loosely" based The History Boys on his experiences at the school and his admission to Oxford. "[25], Following the death of Jonathan Miller in 2019, he became the only surviving member of the original Beyond The Fringe quartet which had also included Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. [5] The History Boys won six Tony Awards on Broadway, including best play, best performance by a leading actor in a play (Richard Griffiths), best performance by a featured actress in a play (Frances de la Tour) and best direction of a play (Nicholas Hytner). In recent years Bennett has chosen to reveal more personal stories: in Untold Stories he writes for the first time about his cancer and homosexuality, describing in vivid detail an homophobic attack he and his partner suffered whilst on holiday in Italy. [14], In July 2018, Allelujah!, a comic drama by Bennett about an NHS hospital threatened with closure, opened at London's Bridge Theatre to critical acclaim. Biografia. For detailed information, please refer to the privacy section of our website or contact your local British Council office . View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro, Actors/Actresses/Directors/Writers/Producers and Their Best Movies/TV Series/Short Films. Keep On Keeping On, a selection of his diary entries from 2005 to 2015, was published in 2016. Corrections? © 2020 British Council It was well-received, and transferred to the Duchess Theatre in the West End of London, being subsequently adapted for radio broadcast by BBC Radio 4. However, in 2014 it was announced that audio copies of the entire series had been found.[3]. His work fearlessly scrutinized the British class system, propriety, and England’s north-south cultural divide with results that were simultaneously chilling and hilarious. The soaring buttresses of the Chapel of the Nine Altars at Fountains account for nothing alongside what remains of a fifteen-stall latrine. His many works for television include his first play for the medium, A Day Out in 1972, A Little Outing in 1977, Intensive Care in 1982, An Englishman Abroad in 1983, and A Question of Attribution in 1991. This page was last changed on 20 June 2018, at 02:14. The performances for the four of them continued throughout the world. British Council complies with data protection law in the UK and laws in other countries that meet internationally accepted standards. He thought that he was not suited for the job and nor as an academician. His fledgling career as a junior lecturer in history at Magdalen College, Oxford, was cut short after he enjoyed enormous success with the comedy revue Beyond the Fringe in 1960. [41] Plans to shut local libraries were "wrong and very short-sighted", Bennett said, adding: "We're impoverishing young people. Biography of Alan Bennett. [38] He has stated that, although he is not a republican, he would never wish to be knighted, saying it would be a bit like having to wear a suit for the rest of his life. He stayed to teach and research medieval history at the university for several years. Alan Bennett has won many prestigious awards for his writing. @Bennett_Diaries 09/05/96: Vanity. Alan Bennett (born 9 May 1934) is an English actor, author, playwright, and screenwriter. In 1999 he adapted it into a stage play, which starred Maggie Smith and was directed by Nicholas Hytner.

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